Classes temporarily suspended until May 1. Stay tuned for updates!


 " We have completed three sessions to date. They have helped my son grow and learn so much, especially socially. They switch up activities every class to keep the little ones interested and are very helpful and judgement free when you have any parenting/developmental questions. They really take the time to get to know each child and that means a lot to me. At the start of our first session, my son cried and clung onto me (that’s where we were at socially) and now he gets excited every week and asks if it’s Wednesday and time for Brats Club yet and smiles and says hello and gives high fives (this is HUGE for us.)  Also, everything is kept very clean! The space is beautiful and the equipment and toys are very high quality. Overall, we have really enjoyed the Brats Club and would highly recommend it to all." -Jayme, Mom to Emmett

 "Wonderful instructors in a small class setting. Fun for babes and toddlers in an awesome setting!"

-Donna Ryan, Grandmother to Declan

I was absolutely blown away today at what you all are creating with The Brats Club. The way you have designed play to be purposeful and intentional is so important for developing minds. Learning through play truly is the BEST way! The equipment, organization, and attention to detail is perfect for growing and exploring little ones and I see how much of a benefit this class will be to my son. You have found a niche program as there isn't anything like this in East County. I am grateful you all saw the need and filled it with such a unique and developmentally appropriate curriculum.
Full my previous life before a high risk pregnancy and a preemie, I was a Child Development Professor, so this is kind of my thing. BUT when it comes to my own kiddo, I am trying so hard to take off the researcher hat and just be the parent. Your class allows just that, so I am able to learn WITH my child in a safe and supported environment. You are going to be an amazing asset to families for years to come! I look forward to watching your business grow!
-Brooke, Mom to Cole

"My nineteen month old son and I have completed our first six week round of the Brats Club SRQ, and it has been an incredible experience. The staff provided weekly topics specific to my child's development.  He was able to explore new skills in a supportive environment of experienced educators, utilizing state of the art toys and equipment. I was also provided guidance, information and support pertaining to my son's developmental progress and milestones. I have not yet experienced a dynamic class such as this for young children. The team was readily available during each session to answer questions and help make sense of my child's behavior in relation to his stage of development.  I feel extremely fortunate to have participated in such a warm educational environment for my both my son and I to learn."-Gina, Mother to Elijah