Classes temporarily suspended until May 1. Stay tuned for updates!


Enrollment Policy:

Please email or call  941.312.1395 to sign up for a Brats Club session. 

Payment Policy:

Payments must be made/sent to The Brats Club prior to the first day of a class session. This will hold a guaranteed spot for you and your child.

Refund Policy:

No tuition refunds are permitted once a child has started a session. If there is an emergency situation, credit towards future class sessions may be granted. 

lllness Policy:

For your child's well being, and out of respect for our other participants and teachers, please refrain from bringing a sick child to the Brats Club SRQ.  Illness is defined as any condition or behavior that prevents them from fully engaging in program activities; a fever of 100 F; a green runny nose; diarrhea or vomiting. 

Vaccination Policy:

Because we are committed to protecting the health of your children and the health of others around them, we require all of our participants to maintain age-appropriate vaccinations. 

Make-Up Policy:

One make-up is allowed for each child and must be completed within the current session. Parents can schedule a make-up class by emailing

Behavior Policy:

The Brats Club is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all families.  We recognize that every child develops emotionally and physically at his/her own pace.  Our goal is to create a supportive and encouraging environment for each child’s development.

Behavior guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of all Brats Club members and staff.  Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to: forceful hitting, biting, destroying property and other aggressive behaviors.  We ask all parents to notify us immediately in these instances, if it is not already observed by a staff member.

We will follow a Two-Strike Policy if such an unfortunate event occurs.  With the first event, a parent will be asked to remove the child from the class area to allow the child time to regulate his behavior.  We are happy to help with language that the parent can use in this situation.  

With a second unacceptable behavioral event,  we will ask the parent to withdraw from the class for the remainder of the segment.  A refund will be granted.  We remain committed to supporting the child’s development and will make appropriate referrals to professionals with experience in this area.  We welcome you and your child back to the Brats Club once the behavior challenge has been addressed.

Confidentiality Policy:

All information regarding your child's development remains confidential within the Brats Club staff.