Registration is open for our Fall #2 session! Classes begin October 29.

The Brats Club SRQ


Pre Crawlers 1


Parenting Tips, Tummy Time, Rolling + More

(Approx. 1- 4/5 months) 

Learn how Tummy Time can become an enjoyable experience for you and your baby.  Continue with functions such as active rolling, reaching and grasping, as well as an introduction to sitting.  Share important parenting subjects with other new moms and our experienced teachers.

Pre Crawlers 2


Sitting, Belly Crawling, 

Coming to Hands & Knees

(Approx. 5/6 - 8/9 months) 

Once your baby is sitting upright, learn the transitions that lead to belly crawling and coming to the knees.  The social-emotional growth in your child is matched with new songs, rhymes and games, as well as early language development.

Crawlers & Cruisers


Crawls on Hands & Knees 

and Pulls Up to Stand

(Approx. 8/9 - 12/14 months)

We offer many new activities and ways you can create a play environment at home  to foster your baby's new mobility.  His/Her new awareness of self and others expand our opportunity to promote healthy social-emotional development as well as cognitive and early language growth.

Toddler 1


Walks Independently

( Approx. 12-18 months)

Active play, developmentally appropriate equipment and games are designed to meet the new toddler's functional needs.  We introduce more fine motor, cognitive and early language activities as well as quiet time activities to develop attention and awareness.

Toddler 2


Follows Patterns

(Approx. 18-26 months)

As the toddler begins to follow directions during play, opportunities for more structured and cooperative play are introduced.  Running, jumping, crawling, climbing and balancing are part of all our toddler classes.

Toddler 3


Jumps Forward, Climbs Stairs & Communicates

(Approx. 26- 36 months)

Building on skills developed in Toddler 2, this level allows the older toddler opportunities to follow directions and play cooperatively while continuing to develop gross and fine motor skills. 

Mommy & Baby Yoga


Babies: 6 weeks - Crawling

Are you a new mommy?  Focus on postpartum recovery by building strength, balance and confidence.  Strengthen your bond with your little one as you kiss, tickle and take them for rides in the yoga poses.  Learn Thai yoga to help your infant with digestion, cross patterning and motor coordination.  This class welcomes all giggles and meltdowns, feedings and diaper changes.

Parent & Toddler Yoga


Toddlers: Independent Walkers - 5 yrs

Partner with your toddler in fun, animated poses and songs that will have us jogging through the jungle, acting like crazy monkeys and hissing through the grass like snakes.  We'll be developing many skills for balance, coordination, and fine motor learning, as well as self-regulation and body awareness.  Deepen the parent/child bond as you cultivate patience and kindness.  

Music with Kathy


Ages 0 - 5 years

Enjoy the developmental benefits of early exposure to music and movement in Music with Kathy.  Interactive, age appropriate fun filled class using music, instruments, bubbles, puppets, parachutes and more.  This class leads to a stronger bond with your child and helps with brain and child development -  all while having fun!

Creative Movement for Preschoolers


Ages 3 - 5 years

Kids will get some wiggles out while learning better body intelligence in this progressive class for preschool aged children.  Merging the fundamentals of movement, imaginary play and dance, Bonnie helps them develop skills such as balance, rhythm, patience and following directions - all while playing and moving!  In this safe environment, their physical and emotional expression develops confidence and self-esteem. 

(Parent participation not required.)